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Net Energy Metering (NEM) 3.0. What SoCal Homeowners need to know. 

And why now is the best time to go solar!

Beginning this year, solar customers could be affected by rule changes proposed by the utility companies, affecting Net Energy Metering 3.0. This could potentially reduce the economic advantages of going solar making the time for action, NOW!

Solar installations can take several weeks to plan and install, making NOW the best time to start planning to maximize your savings and return on investment. 

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The Benefits of Net Energy Metering (NEM)

Net Energy Metering is a solar incentive program that credits the amount of energy you produce back to your monthly bill. By offsetting the costs of power drawn from the grid, you save money. It’ s one of the biggest benefits to having solar panels installed on your roof, but the utilities are trying to reduce it with NEM 3.0!

NEM 2.0 for California Homeowners

  • Solar credits built throughout the year can be used during months you need more energy. 

  • No extra monthly charges for California residents that decide to install solar.
  • Energy sold back to the utility company under current billing at same rate. 

NEM 3.0 for California Homeowners

  • Average solar systems could incur additional monthly charges.

  • Reduced solar credits (up to 84%) for surplus energy sold back to the utility companies. 

  • Unused solar credits can't be carried forward, resulting in less savings.

*Based on a 7kW system.

Solar Energy is still a great way to save!

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But here’s the good part:

If you install your system now, while NEM 2.0 is still in effect, your system will be grandfathered in for 15 years!

By acting now California homeowners will lock in NEM 2.0 terms and rates and protect  future Net Energy Metering policy changes for more than a decade!

Your NEM 3.0 Checklist to Maximize Savings

Sunny Solar Power are experts in NEM 2.0 and maximizing your benefits under the current program. We will work fast and efficiently to help you install your system and protect against NEM policy changes for the next 15 years.

We will help you:

  • Be sure that your solar installation is completed before NEM 3.0 takes effect.

  • Make sure that your solar system is fully optimized for maximum savings under the existing NEM 2.0.

  • Help you to apply for the 26% (now 30%!) Federal Tax Credit, resulting in massive savings on your new system.

  • Help you with understand your financing options to make sure your system is installed and optimized for long-term savings and financial reward.

Don't let utility costs get out of control. Make sure you lock in your installation date today so you can enjoy lower rates for years to come. Don't wait until it's too late...the time to act is NOW!

Act Now to Save More!

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