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San Diego Solar Panel Installation

Sunny Solar Power offers premium, high-output solar panels for San Diego residents at an affordable price. We help homeowners across the greater San Diego County area save money on their power bill every month with our solar energy system.

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The Benefits of Solar Panels on Your San Diego Home

By installing solar panels on your residence, you can lower your electric bill, minimize your dependence on grid energy, promote green energy and take advantage of government tax incentives.  

Promote Environmentally-friendly Energy Solutions

Installing solar for your home could potentially reduce your electric bill by allowing you to source your own energy directly from the sun. Because you’re essentially creating your own power, solar could lower the amount of power you purchase from utility companies and help you save thousands in electrical costs over the lifespan of your panel array.

Stop Relying on Grid Power

By "going solar" you can source your energy needs directly from sunlight and convert it to usable power that you own, 24/7, 365 days of the year. Stop renting your energy from the electric grid while promoting a green energy solution and avoiding unexpected rate hikes!

Take Control of Your Energy Bill from the Electric Company

Solar panels allow you to generate electricity directly from sunlight thereby alleviating your need to pay ever-increasing utility bills from electric companies. Instead, you'll receive direct savings on your monthly electric bill while reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into our atmosphere.

Protect Yourself from Power Outages

In an emergency make sure you and your family are protective from energy outages. By installing solar panels with a battery storage system, you can effectively reduce your reliance on the electric company and the complications that arise from unexpected grid complications and power outages!


An Overview of Our Solar Panel Systems

At Sunny Solar Power, we're here to not only walk San Diego homeowners through every step of going solar, but to ensure that efficient, quality products that are built to last are part of your home installation.

Easy Installation with Expert Guidance

Our team of expert installers is ready to walk you through the complete 8-step process of "going solar". We're here to answer your questions!​

Battery Storage for Unexpected Power Outages

By pairing a home battery storage system with your new solar installation you can ensure complete control over your energy needs.​

Cutting-edge Technology and Performance

We offer the highest quality solar panels at competitive prices. Our panels are designed to maximize efficiency while minimizing cost. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

We want to maintain your home's "curb appeal." Our sleek, efficient and aesthetically pleasing modern designed solar panels compliment any home. 

Custom-Designed Solar Systems

Our 8-Step design and installation process ensures that the right solar projects are chosen for your unique home and requirements.

Installation for All Types Homes

Whether you're rocking composition shingles, clay or stacked tiles or have a flat roof we can ensure your solar system is installed right, and built to last. 

Home Solar Panels: How do they Work?

Solar panels convert sunlight directly into electricity using photovoltaic cells. These cells produce direct current (DC) electricity, which must then be converted into alternating current (AC), before it can be used by your appliances. Solar panels are usually mounted on rooftops or other flat surfaces, although there are solar panel options designed specifically for ground mounting. Some solar panels come equipped with inverters, which allow them to connect to the grid if you wish to sell any excess electricity generated.

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need to Run a Home?

Solar is not a one-sized-fits-all solution, and there are many different ways to calculate how many panels you should buy. We use several factors when determining what kind of system works best for you. These factors include your location, budget, and electricity usage.

The size and layout of your home

Your unique level of energy consumption

Your home's direction

Direct sunlight hours that your home receives

Residential solar panels

How to Determine the Cost of "Going Solar"

How to Calculate the Cost Of A Solar Panel System?

The cost of your new Solar System will be dependent on many factors including:

  • Where your home is located

  • Your home's unique energy requirements and consumption

  • Your home's directional facing

  • The number of hours in which your home has direct access to sunlight 

  • Your savings expectations and goals

At Sunny Solar Power we've created an easy to follow 8-step process for "going solar". After choosing your energy level and receiving a property examination our installation experts will create a designed system and proposal, as well as discuss financing options to let you know what to expect when you switch to solar power. 


The expert advisors at Sunny Solar Power are available to discuss and help determine your best financing options because we believe that making the change to green energy should never be cost prohibitive and the long-term savings justify your investment!

Government Tax Incentives

In 2018, the federal government offered an incentive program called the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITR) to encourage homeowners to install solar panels on their roofs. For the current year you can save 26% on the cost of your installation through this credit.  But act now, because this incentive will decrease in 2023.

Net Metering

Solar customers, depending on their utility provider may be able to send their solar produced power back into the grid in exchange for credit on future electric bills. This process is known as Net Metering and the experts at Sunny Solar Power are available to walk you through the process of knowing your options. 

Residential Solar Panel Installation for Homes in San Diego

We all know San Diego county is a great place to live and work. The sun shines most of the year making it one of the top-5 cities in the United States for Solar Power production. We're thrilled to be able to service homeowners in San Diego and surrounding areas with solar panel installations for their home.  

Sunset San Diego

The Environmental Benefits of Using Solar Energy for Your Home

Short-term Impact

Your home will produce less greenhouse gases and, after going with solar panels, your household could reduce its carbon pollution levels by up 4 tons per year.

Everyday Benefits

When you own your own solar panels and thereby own your own sustainable energy, you're much less reliant on the grid for energy production - even during peak demand periods. Going green is a rewarding experience both financially and personally.

Long-Term Impact

The benefits of solar energy are numerous. When you install solar panels on your San Diego home, you will save money on your electric bill while helping the environment at the same time.

What Clients Say

"I am so thankful for Joe and Sunny Solar Power as he was able to assist me with my electrical outage and solar system."

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