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The Benefits of Solar Energy For Your Home

Headquartered in Santee, CA, Sunny Solar Power, a family owned and operating solar company boasts over 15 years experience in the industry.  Take comfort knowing that our electricians  have installed countless systems in the greater San Diego area and strives for exceptional workmanship and customer satisfaction.

We are to providing our customers quality service at and competitive prices. Our mission is to design and install superior quality solar energy systems that deliver maximum long-term value. 

There are many benefits to "going solar" but here we will outline some of the main ways renewable energy can benefit  homeowners in SoCal and beyond:

Take advantage of a renewable "green" energy source.

Unlike fossil fuels where there is a finite amount available, with solar power is a limitless renewable "green" energy source, especially for residents of sunny San Diego and North Co.

Reduced maintenance costs for solar systems.

A common misconception is that solar systems are cumbersome and require excessive maintenance. In reality solar panels are very durable and last years before maintenance is required, which means less hassle for homeowners.

Solar Power can save you money on your energy bill.

Energy costs from utility companies often fluctuate without any recourse. Going solar can save you money and reduce your dependence on high-priced utility companies.

Achieve energy independence from the grid.

With a combination of solar panels and solar battery storage, homeowners can greatly reduce their independence from the grid and local utility companies protecting you against blackouts and power outages.

You can take advantage of Government Tax Credits.

By choosing to go solar, homeowners can often take advantage of federal, tax credits that greatly reduce the cost of installing the system.

Solar Panels increase the value of your home.

The costs of your average rooftop solar installation is generally recouped during sale.  A recent study demonstrated that on average a home's value can increase between $4,000-$6,000 per  1  kilowatt hour.

Take Control of Your Energy Bill Now!

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Your Planet

As a renewable energy source the sun is a great way to produce green energy. Solar panels can reduce your carbon footprint by helping to reduce global warming and climate change.

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Your Economy

Solar panels are also a great investment that can help you save money over time by offsetting some of your utility costs and reliance on big utility companies.

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Your Future

You have likely seen several rate hikes through your local utility provider. By going solar now you can protect yourself and your investment from large increases to your energy bill. 

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