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Press Release: Sunny Solar Power Announces Strategic Acquisition of Renewable Energy Domains

We are thrilled to share some exciting developments here at Sunny Solar Power! As leaders in renewable energy solutions in El Cajon and across San Diego County, we continually strive to expand our reach and enhance our resources to better serve our community. This commitment has led us to acquire two influential domains in the renewable energy space: and

This acquisition is not just about growing our digital footprint; it's a significant part of our mission to foster a sustainable future. These platforms will allow us to provide more comprehensive information and resources about the benefits and advancements in solar power, helping educate and inspire action within our community.

On this page, you’ll find detailed information about this exciting new chapter for our company. Read our official press release below to learn more about how these new assets will help us drive forward our vision of a cleaner, more sustainable San Diego County.


Sunny Solar Power Expands Digital Footprint with Acquisition of Key Renewable Energy Domains

Enhancing Online Resources to Propel Community Engagement and Sustainable Energy Education in San Diego County

El Cajon, CA (April 19th, 2024)  Sunny Solar Power, a leading solar panel installation company based in El Cajon, California, is pleased to announce the acquisition of two significant domains in the renewable energy sector: and These new assets underscore the company's commitment to promoting sustainable energy solutions across San Diego County and its cities.

Joe Lopez, founder and owner of Sunny Solar Power, expressed his enthusiasm about the acquisitions, stating, "Securing these domains represents a strategic enhancement to our online presence and allows us to broaden our outreach. It's a significant step towards our goal of making renewable energy a mainstay in every household and business in San Diego County. We believe in powering our community through more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, and these new platforms will help us communicate this vision more effectively.”

These acquisitions are part of Sunny Solar Power's broader strategy to lead the charge in transforming San Diego County into a hub for renewable energy. By integrating these domains into their existing digital ecosystem, Sunny Solar Power aims to provide comprehensive resources and insights on solar energy, helping to educate the community and promote sustainable living.

Domains Acquired:

About Sunny Solar Power

Sunny Solar Power is a prominent El Cajon Solar Power Company, known for its commitment to providing top-quality solar panel installations and exceptional service. Established in 2018, Sunny Solar Power has equipped numerous homes and businesses in El Cajon and surrounding areas with efficient, cost-effective solar solutions. The company’s mission is to contribute to a cleaner, sustainable future by empowering local communities to switch to renewable energy.

Press Contact

Erica Corona

Office Manager

(888) 786-6955


Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

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